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RECOMMENDED READING The Futile Search For A Historical Jesus Comparative Religion Solar Mythology The Origin, Evolution,

  1. The Futile Search For A Historical Jesus
  2. Comparative Religion
  3. Solar Mythology
  4. The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Religion
  5. History of Christianity
  6. Critical Examination of The Bible
  7. Red vs. Blue: The Difference Between the Conservative and Progressive Thought Process
  8. Misc.



(In Chronological Order)

SyntagmaSyntagma Of The Evidences Of The Christian Religion by Robert Taylor. Year: 1828
The Preface reads, “Thou hast in this Pamphlet all the sufficient evidence, that can be adduced for any piece of history a thousand years old, or to prove an error of a thousand years standing, that such a person as Jesus Christ never existed; but that the earliest Christians meant the words to be nothing more than a personification of the principle of reason, of goodness, or that principle, be it what it may, which may most benefit mankind in the passage through life.” (Syntagma is Greek for Constitution.) 

coverThe Truth About Jesus — Is He a Myth? 
By: Mangasar Magurditch Mangasarian 
Year: 1909 
Availabe for download from POWELLS.COM for only $1.99 in Adobe Acrobat Reader format
Available for download from Project Gutenberg 
Availabe online at 
See also 31 Sermons by M.M. Mangasarian on the CD-ROM Atheism - The Struggle Against Superstition from BANK OF WISDOM - Rare Books on CD-ROM
and see The Bible Unveiled by M.M. Mangasarian on the CD-ROM Freethought and the Bible from BANK OF WISDOM - Rare Books on CD-ROM

coverThe Christ Myth (Westminster College-Oxford Classics in the Study of Religion) by Arthur Drews, C. Deslisle Burns (Translator). Year: 1910. Drews argues that no basis exists for seeking a historical figure behind the Christ myth. Through a comparative study of ancient religions, Drews shows that Christianity is a syncretism of various pagan and Jewish beliefs, and that a strong pre-Christian cult of Jesus as son of God and messiah existed. 

coverJesus—God, Man or Myth : An Examination of the Evidence by Herbert Cutner. Year: 1950. A thorough examination of all the 'evidence' any Christian apologist has ever cited to support the existence of a historical Jesus, along with an exhaustive search of all the other places we would expect to find some mention of Jesus had he existed. It's actually a boring book because it's so thorough. It's quite obvious from the evidence that the Jesus Story did not originate as the biography of a man named Jesus. 

coverThe Jesus Myth 
By: George Albert Wells 
Year: 1998 

coverTHE CHRIST CONSPIRACY: The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Acharya S. Year: 1999. An excellent book examining the Jesus Story and the myths surrounding it, and the inexplicable dearth of historical evidence where there should be an immense plethora of evidence to support it. It combines together the research of everyone else. Highly recommended. 
Detailed Table of Contents | More on this book at Acharya S website 

coverTHE JESUS PUZZLE. Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ?: Challenging the Existence of an Historical Jesus 
By: Earl Doherty 
Year: 1999
Paul in his epistles never talks about a human Jesus here on earth. Paul's Jesus is always a spiritual Jesus in heaven. Strange that Paul would never mention Jesus' ministry here on earth if in fact it recently happened. Also discusses the hypothetical Q document which preceded the Gospels, of which the Q1 and Q2 strata never discuss a historical Jesus. Concludes with an examination of early church father's writing, who are often silent when it would have been natural to include quotes from the Gospels had they existed at the time. 
Excerpts can be read at 

coverThe Fabrication of the Christ Myth 
By: Harold Leidner 
Year: 2000
An alternative explanation can be provided for Christian origins and early Christianity—one that does not require a "historical Jesus". All contemporary writers of the time seem to be completely unaware of Jesus and his crucifixion. Traces the origin of the passion narrative to Philo. 

Who Was Jesus?Who Was Jesus? 
by Acharya S 
Year: 2006
Succinct 39 page eBook for donation of $5. 
(284 page book now available below.)
Ethiopian JesusBlond JesusNative Jesus
Ethiopian JesusBlond JesusNative Jesus


coverWho was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ 
By: Acharya S (D.M. Murdock) 
Year: 2007
Pages: 284 
On those CSI TV shows they're always dusting for fingerprints, trying to figure out “Who was here?” and “What happened?” Their motto is, “Follow the evidence.” and “The evidence will tell us.” The evidence often contradicts their original assumption, pointing them in a new direction, where they eventually find the truth. 

In this book Acharya examines all the evidence regarding Jesus. Every scrap of historical evidence we have, every metaphorical “fingerprint” left behind. Acharya follows the evidence, letting the evidence tell it's story. When we put it all together we get the best possible picture of Jesus and where the story came from. 

coverThe Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ 
By: Acharya S (D.M. Murdock) 
Year: 2009 
Pages: 30 
(free PDF. Excerpted from The Christ Myth Anthology [a work in progress].) 

More web sites and essays on the non-historical Jesus 


  • Bruno Bauer, 1841, Criticism of the Gospel History of the Synoptics
  • David Friedrich Strauss, 1860, The Life of Jesus Critically Examined
  • Thomas Whittaker, 1904, The Origins of Christianity
  • William Benjamin Smith, 1906, Der vorchristliche Jesus
  • Albert Kalthoff, 1907, The Rise of Christianity
  • John M. Robertson, 1917, The Jesus Problem
  • Georg Brandes, 1926, Jesus – A Myth
  • L.Gordon Rylands, 1935, Did Jesus Ever Live?
  • Edouard Dujardin, 1938, Ancient History of the God Jesus
  • P.L. Couchoud, 1939, The Creation of Christ
  • Alvin Boyd Kuhn, 1944, Who is this King of Glory?
  • Karl Kautsky, 1953, The Foundations of Christianity
  • Guy Fau, 1967, Le Fable de Jesus Christ
  • Also see the extensive list at




Comparative Religion shows how the stories in the Bible, including the Jesus Story, evolved from earlier preexisting stories. 
(In Chronological Order) 

coverDIEGESIS: Being a Discovery of the Origin, Evidences, and Early History of Christianity 
By: Robert Taylor. Year 1829. A very thoroughly researched and well written book. This book was so many years ahead of it's time that it's still a useful reference even today. (Diegesis is Greek for Narrative.) 
Also available online at 
Also available via Google Books: 

coverThe World's Sixteen Crucified Saviours by Kersey Graves. Year 1875
A classic of Comparative Religion. 
Be sure to read the Forward by Acharya S contained in this edition shown. 
Also available online at 
Also at 
Also at 
Available on CD-ROM for $6.95 from 

coverBiography of Satan: Exposing the Origins of the Devil by Kersey Graves. Year: circa 1877? 
The Christian doctrine of a Devil and a hell were utterly unknown to the ancient Jews, and are nowhere taught in the Old Testament. The Christian's Hell is a transcript from Pagan tradition of heathen mythology. 
Available on the CD-ROM Atheism - The Struggle Against Superstition from BANK OF WISDOM - Rare Books on CD-ROM. 

coverBible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions 
By: Thomas William Doane 
Year: 1882
Available on the CD-ROM Freethought and the Bible from BANK OF WISDOM - Rare Books on CD-ROM

coverThe Non-Christian Cross: An enquiry into the origin and history of the symbol eventually adopted as that of our religion by John Denham Parsons. Year: 1896
>>>Read the entire book online here. 
Available on Kindle for free CD-ROM for $6.95 from 

coverAryan Sun-Myths the Origin of Religion 
By: Charles Morris 
Year: 1899
Shows how many Christian stories are found in other religions which predate Christianity. 

Books by Max Müller (1823-1900). He did extensive research into Comparative Religion. Unfortunately his books are hard to find. You can find them in a university library. You might also find some used for sale at

Books by Gerald Massey (1828-1907). He wrote extensively on Comparative Religion. 
Browse the many books by Gerald Massey available at Kessinger Publishing, including the following: 
coverHistorical Jesus and the Mythical Christ: or Natural Genesis and Typology of Equinoctial Christolatry 
By Gerald Massey. 
Year: 1886
coverGerald Massey's Lectures by Gerald Massey. Year: 1900
Available online at 

coverPagan Christs by J.M. Robertson. Year: 1903
Compares the crucificion of Christ with the similar sacrificial rituals of other religions. 
Often a used copy can be purchased from 

coverThe paganism in our Christianity by Arthur Weigall. Year: 1928
Available on CD-ROM for $6.95 from 
Often a used copy can be purchased from 
The book might be available for download from Project Gutenberg 

coverChristianity Before Christ 
By: John G. Jackson. 
Year: 1985

coverTHE JESUS MYSTERIES: Was the original Jesus a Pagan God? 
By: Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy. 
Year: 2000
Examines the close relationship between the Jesus Story and that of Osiris-Dionysus. 

cover101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History 
By: Gary Greenberg 
Year: 2000
Shows how many of the stories found in the Old Testament can be traced back to earlier stories from other religions. See 

coverSuns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled 
By: Acharya S 
Year: 2004
The tale of a miraculously born redeemer who overcomes heroic challenges, teaches ethics and morality, performs marvels and wonders, acquires disciples and is famed far and wide, to be persecuted, killed and reborn, is not unique but a global phenomenon recurring in a wide variety of cultures long before the Christian era. A superb scholarly work. Every detail thoroughly researched. Highly recommended. 

coverChrist in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection 
By: D.M. Murdock (Acharya S) 
Year: 2009
More than you ever wanted to know. Thoroughly researched. The bibliography alone is 38 pages long. History of the Egyption religion and its profound influence upon the later Christian faith. 

Also see MythBytes. Creation Myths, Flood Stories, etc. “Myth is other people's religion” 
Also see A Brief overview of the study of Mythology and Folklore 



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