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Post Info TOPIC: Why the Old Testment is a Lie by Banjo_Billy


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Why the Old Testment is a Lie by Banjo_Billy

Why the Old Testment is a Lie

by Banjo_Billy 

Those of you who are Christians should not take offence that 
The Old Testament is a Lie because you have the Truth that Jesus
brought to Mankind. Unfortunately, the Enemies of Mankind -- the 
devil Jews -- killed Jesus before His Truth could be widely
understood. Jesus named them accurately as liars and murderers, 
and they proved it. So, the scientific facts that follow should not rattle 
your understanding in the least but should actually bolster your belief.

As for you atheists and agnostics who read this, you should not think 
that I am trying to convince you of the Truths of religious knowledge 
because all I am doing is presenting the scientific facts. With these facts, 
you can intelligently argue with Jews, Christians and Muslims without 
ever even knowing anything about religion. Present the facts and tell 
the truth and admit when you are wrong so that you can progress in your
understanding; that is the Way of White Civilization and progress in 

The first fact that you should know about the Old Testament comes from 
the science of archaeology. This was only established as a science in 1812 AD 
as Assyriology. So, for barely two hundred years, white civilization has 
had solid, scientific proof about what the history of the ancient Near East
really was. Up until that time, Western Civilization has been entirely 
dependant upon the lying Jews. For nearly 3000 years, the only so-called
"proof" about the history of the ancient Near East has been found almost 
exclusively in the Old Testament. Any other documents have been buried
under 30 feet or more of dust and dirt and rubble in the ruined and buried 
cities of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Palestine. So, for 3,000 years the Jews 
have had the opportunity to deceive the entire world. But all of their lies 
ended with the establishment of modern archaeology.

Archaeology definitely proves that just about everything in the Old 
Testament is a lie. It didn't happen as the Jews claim and the events 
are merely myth and lies salted with an occasional historical event.

In the first place, the Book of Genesis is purloined and plagiarized by 
the rabbis and priests from the previously existing religious texts of 
Mesopotamia and Egypt. The Creation of the World by the word of God, 
was attested by the Egyptians in such writings of around 2000 BC in the 
The Memphite Theology of Creation, which was certainly available to 
the rabbis. The Story of Noah and the Flood and the Ark with all the 
animals in it, was common in Sumaria and Babylonia as early as 2600 BC, 
at least a millenium before there were any Jews to steal the story and 
put their own names on it. All the rabbis did was change the Sumerian 
names to Hebrew names and then destroy every Sumarian copy that 
they could find. It is a standard of Judaism to destroy the places of 
worship as well as the writings of all other religions so that the lies 
of the rabbis are all that the People have left.

Adam and Eve were Sumerian characters. And the Garden of Eden was 
a marshy area located in southern Sumeria and is now buried 200 feet 
under the waters of the Persian Gulf. What "original sin" actually means 
is an "original debt" and that debt is payable to the priests of the Temple 
who are happy to take your money in payment of your debt to their mighty 
god who's seat is in the Treasury. And what "piety" is to a Jew means 
nothing about goodness or holiness or virtue at all. "Piety" simply means 
following the laws of Moses and paying your tax for "sin" to the rabbis.

Archaeology proves that there was no Exodus from Egypt. There were no 
groups of escaping Hebrew slaves wandering around Sinai. Modern archaeology 
is able to find even the smallest traces of wandering hunter-gatherers with 
all of the instruments of satellite and aereal surveying, ground-penetrating 
radar and the careful sifting of the soil in suspected sites of human 
habitation any place in the world. There were no traces of any large or 
even small groups of Hebrews wandering around Sinai either before, during 
or after the times that the Old Testament claims. Carbon in campfires lasts 
for tens- and hundreds- of thousands of years. Certainly, if archaeolgoists 
can find individual fires from small families of hunter gatherers from 
two million BC, it would not be difficult to find the camp fires of 600,000 fleeing 
Hebrews camping for forty years in the rainless wastes of Sinai. But there 
is nothing there.

Also, the Hebrews were never slaves in Egypt. They did not build any pyramids 
for the pharaohs primarily because such work on temples and pyramids was 
religious work that the Egyptians, themselves, performed as a religious 
offering and slaves were not permitted to participate. And Joshua never 
blew down the walls of Jericho with a trumpet blast since that city had 
been a ruined and abandoned place for at least two hundred years by 
the time the alleged Joshua showed up. It's walls were already 
tumbled down.

Archeology proves that there was no Conquest of the Canaanites by the Hebrews. 
The Canaanites were always resident in Canaan and Palestine and were 
not driven out by the Hebrews. The claims of the rabbis that God gave 
them all the land between the Euphrates and the Nile as long as they 
could kill everybody living there first, is not bourne out by history since 
the Hebrews never ever had control even of Palestine which was always 
in the hands of the Canaanites and Philistines and Phoenicians, never 
by the Hebrews except in the backward areas of Judah and the northern 
miniature kingdom of Israel. The word "Hebrew" is derived from "Abiru" 
which means "bandit" "thief" or "cut-throat". That is all the Hebrews have 
ever been, wandering bandits whose priests promised them all the wealth 
of the goyim if only they would steal it or swindle it and commit genocide 
to get it.

Circumcision was a habit that the Hebrews picked up in Egypt where it 
was used as a "coming of age" ceremony when boys reached the age of twelve. 
Since the Egyptians enjoyed their sex lives, they promoted circumcision 
to increase their sexual stimulation potential. But the stupid Hebrews 
used it to brand their tribe members from childhood and it led to the 
present sicknesses of society with homosexuality and other Jew-caused 

Archaeology proves that there was no great king named David and 
certainly there was no Solomon. If either of these mythological characters 
had been great kings, then the literature that has been excavated from the 
kingdoms surrounding Israel and Judah would certainly mention them. 
But out of the entire Middle East, whether inside or outside of ancient 
Israel and Judah, whether in any language other than Hebrew or not, 
there is absolutely zero mention of either David or Solomon. The one 
exception is found on what is called the Tell Dan inscription where the 
single word "House of David" is used by king Hazael of Damacus bragging 
that he killed the king of Israel and the son of the king of Judah in battle 
and to indicate the dynasty of one of those Hebrew kings by the 
dyastic name, "House of David."

But if archaeology proves that if there was ever a king David, he could 
only have been little more than a goat-rustler in the vacinity of Judah 
because Judah had always been a backward, poor and rocky abode of 
sheep rustlers and assorted gangsters. It was never a rich or famous 
place except in the imagination of the rabbis who directly profited from 
the taxes and barbequed goats due at the Temple for the "sin" of breaking
the Laws of the priests.

Even the mythical Solomon, who has absolutely zero history in any place 
other than in the lies of the Old Testament, could never have been the rich 
and powerful king that the rabbis claim that he was. If he had been so f
abulously rich and wise as the rabbis claim, then he would certainly 
have been on first name terms with the other kings of that time. But there 
is zero mention of him anywhere, nor of his alleged trade partner 
king Hiram of Lebanon. Solomon's mines, his stables of horses, his great 
building projects are proven by archaeology to have been built by other 
peoples and at other times than by whom and when the lying rabbis claim. 
And Solomon's reputed "wisdom" is found in the wisdom literature of Egypt 
and Babylonia. All that the rabbis did was steal it from the libraries of 
those ancient empires and put their own name on it. And who would know, 
since the only available copies of those wise sayings was in the Old 
Testament -- that is, until archaeologists dug up the original archives 
in the buried cities and translated them.

As for the various "mighty kings of Israel and Judah" these were mainly 
small town hicks and petty tyrants, lording it over goat herders and 
small farmers. The kingdom of Israel was at one time wealthy but only 
because it was a vassal state of Assyria, who built it up and incorporated 
it within Assyrian international trade. Typically, once the Israelites tried 
to betray Assyria, the Assyrians kicked their asses and shipped them off to 
Assyria and Babylonia where the Ten Tribes disappeared from history. 
Thus, the kingdom of Israel became extinct, leaving the lying rabbis of 
Judah making up stories to make themselves look good to the illiterate 
Hebrew yokels. After all, in those days the only ones who could read or 
write were the priests and scribes. So, everybody had no choice but to 
believe what the lying rabbis wrote. And since the rabbis thought that 
their lies would never be found out, they told some whoppers.

Crossing the Reed Sea, killing all the first born of Egypt, sending plagues 
and turning the Nile red as blood, having a great magician named Moses 
to lead them out of Egypt while stealing the gold and silver of the 
Egyptians, were all stories that appealed to the Hebrew thieves and 
goat-rustlers. Everybody in the anceint Near East knew about the 
power and might of Egypt. So, defeating the pharaoh with their own 
made-to-order Yahweh-god, was just what the priests needed to get the 
Hebrews to donate to the Temple. Who could resist donating money 
and roasted goats to the priests of such a mighty god as the one who 
was sitting on his throne in the Temple of Jerusalem? It was a 
profitable scam.

Even the god of the Hebrews is a fake. The word "Yahweh", was actually 
taken from Egypt where "Yah" was the name of the Moon God of Egypt. 
The Semites have always been partial to the Moon God since they rely 
on the Babylonian Calendar which is a lunar calendar. The Jewish Calendar 
is actually the Babylonian Calendar that the Jews stole and put their 
own name upon. All of the Semites have always considered the Moon God 
to be superior to the Sun God simply because the Moon controls the 
calendar and it is in the sky more than the sun is, being visible both in 
the day and the night. So, obviously, the Moon is a greater god than 
the Sun. The modern Muslims follow their Moon god, Al-Lah, and the 
modern Jews follow their Moon god Yah-weh. And the mighty pharaoh 
who kicked the Hebrews (Hyksos) out of Egypt was Ahmose 
(The Moon is Born). So, the Hebrews merely worshipped the highest god 
that they knew and later claimed that it was the only god. Even the 
Sinai Peninsula is named after the Semitic Moon God, Sin, as in 
"Sin-ai" or the "Wilderness of the Moon-God-Sin". And in their usual
religious stupidity, the rabbis claim that Sinai is derived from the
Hebrew word for "hatred", the Hatred of the Jewish God for all of Mankind.

But even their claim that monotheism is Jewsh, is another Jewish lie. 
Nearly a thousand years before they declared Yahweh as the only god, 
Ankenaton of Egypt was declaring his god Aton as the one true god. 
The Jews just can't win, since everything that they promote is a lie.

Science and archaeology prove that the Jews are liars. Stories such as 
Daniel in the Lions Den, was written during Roman times and attributed 
to ancient kings who actually never existed. But who would know, since 
the ancient records had been buried for a thousand years by the time the 
Romans showed up on the scene? The same for a large number of the 
so-called "prophets" -- Jonah in the belly of the whale, etc . The Book of Job 
is purloined from the wisdom writings of Egypt and Mesopotamia. And 
the Song of Solomon is simply a pornographic Hebrew rendition of 
Egyptian erotic literature and hymns to the Sun God.

That their writings were written sometimes centuries after they were 
supposed to have been written and had undergone extensive editorial 
re-writing in all that time, clearly shows that the rabbis are liars. It was 
easy to write something in 300 AD about a "prophet" who "foretold events" 
in 300 AD but who "lived" in 500 AD, and then claim that that prophet was 
so "wise" to be able to "foresee events" from 200 years ago! And who would 
know, since the only documents were in the hands of the rabbis or else 
buried under the rubble of the destroyed cities where even the most 
wicked rabbi in his most evil delusions would never guess that anyone 
would want to dig in search of the original clay tablets and papyrus scrolls.

Comparative literature, philology, historians and archaeologists prove 
that most of the Old Testament is nothing but a series of ancient forgeries, 
falsified histories and myths that were stolen from other peoples. The Jews 
are liars and they have always been known as liars both in ancient times 
and in modern times. But they are also hypocrites in that in the face 
of all proofs, they continue with their lies.

Furthermore, there is no reason to claim that there is no God just because 
the Jews are lying devils. That the Old Testment is a Lie, simply means that 
the Jews are liars. But it also shows clearly that the Muslims are also liars 
and that Mohammad (may he rot in hell) was a false prophet. If Mohammad 
had been truely in contact with God, then he would not have accepted the 
lies of the Old Testament and enlarged upon them. Rather, he would have 
gotten the truth from God and told the Truth. But instead, the illiterate 
Mohammad stupidly believed the lies of the rabbis and then twisted 
them up into his own version.

And the biggest lie of all is the "We" lie. "We" were slaves in Egypt, spoken 
by a European Jew without a single genetic connection to the ancient 
Hebrews, is one of those lies. "We" were oppressed by Pharaoh, spoken by 
any Jew today who is living 2000 years after the last pharaoh died, is 
another Jewish lie. "We" suffered from the Holocaust, is another lie spoken 
by snot-nosed Jewish kids on skate boards whose only memory of 
World War Two is found in watchng the lies on TV. This ancient "we" lie 
of the Jews is the lie that whatever happens to one Jew, happens to all 
Jews forever. "We" crossed the Red Sea on dry land, is an ancient lie 
that the modern Jews claim actually happened to them, personally. 
The Jews are liars, deceivers, hypocrites and murderers, just as Jesus 
said that they are. Science proves it. And history seals it.

Those who wish to comment on these facts, please restrict your comments 
to the Old Testament only. 

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