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Christianity, caste and untouchability 

Forwarded message from Vedaprakash 

Sunday, July 1, 2007 

Christianity, caste and untouchability 

Christianity, caste and untouchability: In spite of the 
tall claims made by the Christians, the caste, racism, 
untouchability and other factors have been there in 
Christianity. The hundreds of denominations in different 
countries based on theology, practices, tribes etc., are 
the direct proof. Pope Gregory XV published a bull 
sanctioning caste regulations in the Christian Churches 
of India. Even the U. N. Commission of Inquiry (1953) 
into the racial situation in South Africa reported the 
Biblical background of inspiration for them to adopt 
"Apartheid" or "Christian caste system" with 
untouchability [Genesis. 9.25, Joshua. 9.21, 23 & 27]. 
Untouchability also finds its way to Bible [Joshua. 
9.19]. In Ireland, there are separate streets for Roman 
Catholics and Protestants, as each group treats others 
"untouchables" . 

Slavery has been a divine approved system [Levi. 25: 44- 
46; Timothy. 6.11]. Prasadam offered to Jehovah should 
not be eaten by others [Exo.12:43]. They should not touch 
things holy to him or offer sacrifice [Levi. 22:25]. 
Bible should not be taught to others [Jewish 
Encyclopedia, Vol. 5, p.623; Exo.27:33]. They cannot 
offer incense [Numbers.16: 40]. They should not approach 
the holy tabernacle i.e, the "Garba Griha" / Sanctum 
Sanctorum [Numbers 1.51]. The dishonest Christians 
suppress everything and try to fool the gullible SCs and 
STs projecting that their religion saves them. they could 
not save their own souls of SCs /STs with dubious 
methods. There are A to Z Churches with denominations 
(castes) running into more than 3000 depending upon the 
nation, language, ethnicity, culture, civilization and 
other factors. The matrimonial columns appearing in the 
newspapers and periodicals expose their hypocrisy, as the 
bride / groom are hunted only on the basis of "caste" and 
not on the "Christ"! 

Crores of Rupees flow into India from abroad to convert 
India to Christianity. World Christian Organizations 
never hide this plan. After the Neogi Commission Report, 
they have only changed their tactics in routing the 
money. Political pressure at national and international 
levels is applied through different cannels to pump money 
in. only 30-40% is actually spent under the guise of 
charity, service, and liberation etc., whereas, 60-70% is 
adjusted in their manipulated accounts duly certified. 
They have formed their own high castes and they do not 
want to share profits with the new converts. They treat 
them just as "natives" counting numbers and sending 
statistical figures to parent organizations. Thus, the 
discrimination persists and percolates to bottom reaching 
new complications and crating new social tensions. 
Therefore, to divert the issue, as decided by the World 
Council of Churches and other organizations, they set up 
different "research groups" to shift the blame to 
Hinduism and escape. After politicizing, they have tried 
to internationalize the issue. Whoever Indian writer, 
journalist or "scholar", who supports this theory, is 
received aboard usually USA or Germany and taken care of. 

"Dalit Theology" is the superior theology masqueraded in 
mere theoretical egalitarianism to fool "Dalits" 
projecting Jesus as the Super Star Saviour and 
Christianity to solve all their social problems, 
suppressing all cold facts, historical truths and the 
past tract record of Christianity. 

"Liberation Theology" is nothing but "Christian 
Communism" with God offered in different garb mainly 
advocating violence. It advocates violence, terrorism and 
anti-national activities in a country where it is 
preached. After the death of Communism and exposure of 
their deadly acts in Latin American countries, they have 
turned their attention to "Dalit Theology". 

End of forwarded message from Vedaprakash 

Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi 
Om Shanti 

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